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Adaptil Refill
Adaptil Refill
Adaptil Refill 48ml is for use with the Adaptil Diffuser.
From £14.33
£22.57 Saving 37%
Company of Animals - No Bark Collar (Small)
Company of Animals Pettags - No Bark Collar
The No-Bark Collar comes with two bark deterrent settings; vibrate and a high whistle.
From £12.28
£20.39 Saving 40%
Adaptil Diffuser With Free Travel Bowl
Adaptil Diffuser
The Adaptil Diffuser Dog Appeasing Pheromone Diffuser Pack is a discrete plug-in which bathes the home in a synthetic copy of the 'canine appeasing pheromone.'
From £17.38
£30.73 Saving 44%
Halti Headcollar for Dogs (Black Size 2)
Halti Headcollar for Dogs - Black
If you have a large powerful dog or one that pulls on the lead then this is the headcollar for you.
From £7.48
£9.99 Saving 26%
Dog Tornado Interactive Game (Plastic)
Dog Tornado Interactive Game
The ideal toy for your four-legged friend! The Dog Tornado Game from the famous Nina Ottoson range of interactive toys is perfect for intelligent and easily bored dogs.
From £15.00
£25.99 Saving 43%
Lupi Harness for Dogs (Medium)
Lupi Harness for Dogs
Without pain or any struggle, dogs stop pulling on a Lupi.
From £7.48
Dog Brick Fun Interactive Game (Plastic)
Dog Brick Fun Interactive Game
The Dog Brick Game from the famous Nina Ottoson range of interative dog is the perfect boredom breaker for inquisitive and intelligent dogs.
From £20.98
£27.99 Saving 26%
Halti Headcollar - Leather Padded (Size 3)
Halti Headcollar - Leather Padded
The Halti Headcollar from The Company of Animals is designed to sit comfortably on your dogs head.
From £8.15
Canny Dog Collar - Non Pull Head Harness (Size 5 Black)
Canny Dog Collar - Non Pull Head Harness
Simple to fit and easy to use, the Canny Collar gives you complete control when walking your dog.
From £13.89
£17.73 Saving 22%
Ancol Training Dog Whistle (Silent)
Ancol Training Dog Whistle (Silent)
An excellent tool for training your pooch.
From £3.33
Beaphar Gentle Leader Black (Medium)
Beaphar Gentle Leader
Beaphar provides the perfect solution with their best-selling, vet and trainer endorsed control head-collar.
From £7.44
£10.39 Saving 29%
Pet Behave Spray (125ml)
Pet Behave Spray (125ml)
Protect your home and furnishings from chewing and scratching with Canacs Pet Behave Training Spray!
From £4.45
£4.85 Saving 9%
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