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Adaptil Refill
Adaptil Refill 48ml is for use with the Adaptil Diffuser.
From £17.99
£22.57 Saving 21%
Adaptil Diffuser
The Adaptil Diffuser Dog Appeasing Pheromone Diffuser Pack is a discrete plug-in which bathes the home in a synthetic copy of the 'canine appeasing pheromone.'
From £17.99
£30.73 Saving 42%
Company of Animals Pettags - No Bark Collar
The No-Bark Collar comes with two bark deterrent settings; vibrate and a high whistle.
From £16.20
£20.39 Saving 21%
Halti Headcollar for Dogs - Black
If you have a large powerful dog or one that pulls on the lead then this is the headcollar for you.
From £7.48
£9.99 Saving 26%
Dog Tornado Interactive Game
The ideal toy for your four-legged friend! The Dog Tornado Game from the famous Nina Ottoson range of interactive toys is perfect for intelligent and easily bored dogs.
From £15.00
£25.99 Saving 43%
Canny Dog Collar - Non Pull Head Harness
Simple to fit and easy to use, the Canny Collar gives you complete control when walking your dog.
From £13.89
£17.73 Saving 22%
Halti Headcollar - Leather Padded
The Halti Headcollar from The Company of Animals is designed to sit comfortably on your dogs head.
From £8.15
Lupi Harness for Dogs
Without pain or any struggle, dogs stop pulling on a Lupi.
From £7.50
Company of Animals - Non Pull Harness for Dogs
The Non Pull Harness from the well known Company of Animals, is designed to help curb the enthusiastic dog.
From £8.41
£10.99 Saving 24%
Beaphar Gentle Leader
Beaphar provides the perfect solution with their best-selling, vet and trainer endorsed control head-collar.
From £7.78
£10.39 Saving 26%
Dog Brick Fun Interactive Game
The Dog Brick Game from the famous Nina Ottoson range of interative dog is the perfect boredom breaker for inquisitive and intelligent dogs.
From £20.98
£27.99 Saving 26%
Mikki Walkrite Anti-Pull Harness
This harness is a kind way to keep control of your excitable dog.
From £9.71
£10.69 Saving 10%
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