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Simple Solution Stain and Odour Remover
For more than 30 years, trusted pet lovers have relied on the extensive Simple Solution product line to take care of their furriest family members.
From £7.52
Petstages - Heartbeat Pillow
The plush Heartbeat Pillow from Petstages helps calm dogs of any age.
From £8.29
£9.99 Saving 18%
Arms Length Pooper Scooper
Arms Length offers a convenient way to clear up after dogs.
From £11.22
£12.99 Saving 14%
Drinkwell Pet Fountain Cleaning Kit
A three brush kit to clean your Drinkwell Pet Fountain.
From £6.90
£7.96 Saving 14%
Hibiscrub Medical
A dermatologically tested antimicrobial skin cleanser.
From £8.51
Snuggle Safe Heat Pad
A microwaveable pet bed heat pad.
From £17.94
£22.45 Saving 21%
Snuggle Safe Dog Cover / Cushion (Bonzo)
A soft, plush cover for the Snugglesafe Heatpad.
From £14.83
Urine Off Multi-Pet
A high performance pet stain remover.
From £12.74
Pet Mate Dog Door Large
The Dog Door range from Pet Mate features super strong but lightweight flaps which are also suitable for cats.
From £39.28
£49.95 Saving 22%
Rosewood Post Guard
Let your postman keep his fingers with this steel wire protective post guard.
From £9.98
£10.20 Saving 3%
Shaws Repel All Training Spray
Repel All from Shaws is a training spray which emits an odour unpleasant to animals, making them quick to learn to avoid it.
From £5.21
STV Gotcha Flea Trap
The Gotcha Flea Trap from STV is easy to use, safe and poison-free.
From £10.00
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Items on page

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