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Rosewood Feeding Time Squirrel Proof Fat Ball Lantern
The Fat Ball Lantern Feeder from Rosewood has been specifically designed to ensure that squirrels cannot access the food inside or destroy the feeder.
From £8.30
Rosewood Starter Seed Feeder
A seed feeder for garden birds.
From £5.25
Rosewood Starter Fat Ball Feeder Small
Ideal for feeding garden birds.
From £5.35
Natures Grub Coconut Pecker with Mealworms
Natures Grub Coconut Pecker with Mealworms is a great hanging, pecking treat for your garden birds.
From £5.50
Harrisons Wild Bird Mix
Carefully selected nutritious mix designed to attract a variety of birds.
From £6.00
J&J Black oil Sunflower Seed 1.25kg
An excellent supplementary food source.
From £7.00
Harrisons Premier WildBird Mix 2kg
Formulated with our widest selection of premium quality ingredients.
From £7.00
J&J Nigerseed 1kg
A small seed with a high nutrient value
From £7.05
Harrisons Energy No Mess
A blend of high quality Sunflower Hearts, Peanut Granules and energy boosting seeds.
From £7.50
Harrisons Songbird Mix 2kg
A high energy mix of specially blended fruits, berries and seeds.
From £7.50
Suet To Go Bird Butter 350g
Suet To Go Birdy Butter with Mealworm 350g, is a high energy food source to help sustain a wild birds active life and combat the cold.
From £7.65
Harrisons Winter & SpringEnergy Booster 2kg
A premium blend of high energy ingredients designed for feeding over the Winter and Spring months
From £8.00
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Items on page

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