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Flea Treatments

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STV GOTCHA! Flea Trap Spare Bulbs x 2
A 2 pack of bulbs for a safe, poison-free effective solution to flea infestations.
From £4.44
Advantage Spot On
Advantage Flea treatments are highly effective at providing fast relief from fleas as well as lasting protection.
From £9.41
£18.07 Saving 48%
Effipro Spot On for Dogs (4 Pipettes)
The new solution against fleas and ticks.
From £10.60
£21.62 Saving 51%
Fiprospot Spot On Dog
Fiprospot is a highly cost-effective spot-on treatment for the prevention and control of flea infestations in dogs.
From £12.83
£24.79 Saving 49%
Frontline Spot On Extra Large Dog 40-60kg
Frontline Spot On gives long-lasting protection against fleas and ticks and controls biting lice.
From £18.51
£34.60 Saving 47%
Indorex Household Flea Spray (500ml)
A veterinary household spray, which kills not only fleas but also house dust mites.
From £9.67
£17.68 Saving 46%
RIP Fleas Household Flea Spray (600ml Bottle)
A highly effective household anit-flea spray.
From £10.94
£17.32 Saving 37%
VetKem Acclaim 2000 Household Flea Spray (500ml Bottle)
Highly effective household anti-flea spray.
From £8.99
£18.52 Saving 52%
STV Gotcha Flea Comb
The Flea Comb from STV is a safe, effective and chemical-free way of controlling fleas on both cats and dogs
From £5.10
£6.75 Saving 25%
STV Gotcha Flea Trap
The Gotcha Flea Trap from STV is easy to use, safe and poison-free.
From £10.00
STV Gotcha Flea Trap Refills
A pack of 3 refill discs for the Gotcha Flea Trap from STV.
From £4.98
Staykil Household Spray 500ml
In just one treatment Staykill Household Spray kills fleas, stops their eggs developing and goes on protecting.
From £10.84
£15.99 Saving 33%
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