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Feliway Plug In Diffuser with Feliway Refill
The Feliway Cat Comforting Plug In Diffuser secretes a synthetic feline facial pheromone, which works to reassure and calm your cat during periods of stress.
From £16.99
£30.73 Saving 45%
Grannicks Bitter Apple Spray
The original taste deterrent for pets.
From £9.31
Feliway Spray
A calming natural pheromone, used to calm your cat during any time of stress.
From £9.69
£9.99 Saving 4%
Shaws Repel All Training Spray
Repel All from Shaws is a training spray which emits an odour unpleasant to animals, making them quick to learn to avoid it.
From £6.17
KalmAid Liquid for Cat & Dog (250ml)
KalmAid is a safe product to use to help promote a sense of calm in pets showing signs of fear or anxiety, or long term behavioural problems.
From £12.03
£12.50 Saving 4%
Feliway Diffuser Pack & Feliway Spray 30ml
A diffuser plus spray used to calm your cat during any time of stress.
From £27.18
Pet Behave Spray (125ml)
Protect your home and furnishings from chewing and scratching with Canacs Pet Behave Training Spray!
From £4.86
Homeopet Anxiety Natural Remedy for Cats and Dogs (15ml)
Promote calmness in your pet, and soothes anxious behaviour.
From £8.54
£10.21 Saving 17%
Vapet Chew Stoppa Spray 250ml
This training spray from Vapet will help to stop your cat or dog from chewing at furniture and textiles in your home.
From £7.15
Dorwest Scullcap & Valerian Tablets
Help relieve your dog or cat of the symptoms of nervousness, excitability, anxiety, and travel sickness with Dowest Scullcap & Valerian Tablets.
From £13.70
Pet Remedy
This plug-in diffuser contains a special blend of calming essential oils including Valerian and Vetivert.
From £17.44
Homeopet Anxiety TFLN Natural Remedy for Cats and Dogs (15ml)
Made from natural calming ingredients this can help to promote calmness in your pet.
From £11.65
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