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Cats > Health Care > Anti-Anxiety

We know that now and again, our pets can find certain situations stressful. As a pet parent, seeing our beloved cat or dog display canine anxiety or feline anxiety can be very upsetting and tough to watch.

Luckily, there are products available to help our pets through tough times such as separation anxiety, moving home with your pet, stressful visits to the vet, or big events that are scary to your pet such as Bonfire Night.

We stock a range of pheromones and supplements with calming properties such as Adaptil, Feliway, Zylkene, Kalm Aid, Pet Remedy, Serene-Um, Scullcap and Valerian and more - which can help with issues relating to pet anxiety, pet nervousness, hyperactivity and even age-related problems.

We hope that we can supply the right cat pheromone / supplement to help with any feline anxiety, multi-cat tension etc that you may be experiencing. If for any reason you are not sure what the right product to try is, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


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Original Feliway Refill
Help reduce stress and keep your cat calm with the Feliway refill for the Diffuser Pack.
From £15.38
Original Feliway Diffuser Pack
Help reduce stress and keep your cat calm with the Feliway Diffuser Pack
From £17.82
Feliway Friends Refill 48ml
Are you cats FRIENDS or FOES?
From £15.99
NEW Feliway Spray
The spray is great for cats that travel, stay in catteries or are visiting the vet.
From £16.48
A natural product derived from milk proteins, helpful in times of change or anxiety.
From £9.29
Pet Remedy Refill
Two 40ml refils for the Pet Remedy Diffuser, contains a special blend of calming essential oils including Valerian and Vetivert.
From £12.91
KalmAid Liquid for Cat & Dog (250ml)
KalmAid is a safe product to use to help promote a sense of calm in pets showing signs of fear or anxiety, or long term behavioural problems.
From £12.98
Homeopet Anxiety Natural Remedy for Cats and Dogs (15ml)
Promote calmness in your pet, and soothes anxious behaviour.
From £7.41
£10.21 Saving 28%
Homeopet Anxiety TFLN Natural Remedy for Cats, Dogs and Small Animals (15ml)
Made from natural calming ingredients this can help to promote calmness in your pet.
From £8.99
£10.21 Saving 12%
Serene-Um Drops For Cats and Dogs
Serene-Um relaxes your dog in a 100% natural way.
From £11.12
Thundershirt Cats
The Thundershirt is an innovative coat designed for cats & dogs who suffer from in situations such as travel, separation or loud noises.
From £24.30
Serene-Um Tablets For Cats and Dogs
Serene-Um relaxes your dog in a 100% natural way.
From £9.54
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Items on page

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