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•Trudy Simone Langdale BVetMed CertVR MRCVS (RCVS number: 1316793)

•ESQP: Amy Kennedy 32301

•ESQP: Luke Humphries 32901

RCVS registered premises number: 7101741
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Tetra Aquasafe T213 500ml
Transform hard tap water with chlorine and other toxic substances in into water which can be used safely in aquariums.
From £12.02
£15.94 Saving 25%
King British Turtle and Terrapin Food
King British Turtle & Terrapin Food - for fit and healthy turtles and terrapins, provides a complete and balanced diet made from the highest quality natural ingredients.
From £9.39
£11.95 Saving 22%
biOrb Heater Pack
Accommodate a wider selection of colourful fish from all over the world by creating the perfect environment and warming your aquariums water with a biOrb Heater.
From £20.48
£23.35 Saving 13%
Tetra Test 6 in 1 Test Strips
An easy to use dip test for instantly checking water quality.
From £8.98
£12.35 Saving 28%
Goodbye Blanket Weed
Highly effective against the removal of blanketweed, organic sludge, and green water in your pond.
From £10.83
£16.90 Saving 36%
Superfish Aqua-Flow Filter
Aqua-Flow from Superfish is an internal filter system for tropical and cold-water aquariums.
From £11.14
Tetra Pro Colour TO86 110g
Tetra Pro Colour is a premium daily food for tropical fish.
From £9.44
£14.10 Saving 34%
King British Bloodworms Freeze Dried (9g)
King British Bloodworms is the simple way to let your fish enjoy the benefits of natural live food, as they would in the wild.
From £4.49
biOrb Service Kit
The biOrb service kit is ideal for any biOrb aquarium and includes a filter cartridge, a cleaning pad and a water treatment sachet.
From £7.12
Superfish Nano Heater
The Nano Heater from Superfish is suitable for use in both tropical freshwater and marine aquariums.
From £9.98
SpongeBob Squarepants Pineapple Home
Get the perfect fish tank accessory for kids and big kids alike with this SpongeBob Squarepants home ornament.
From £7.65
£9.05 Saving 16%
Hagen Aqua Glo Tube 15w 46cm (18 inch )
The Hagen Aqua Glo 15w (220/240v) fluorescent tube/bulb is used in aquariums and fish tanks to intensify fish colours and promotes plant.
From £8.86
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After a fairly extensive internet search for the products I needed, I opted for Mr Pets as their prices were the most reasonable I'd found. Wrong!!! I'm not entirely sure what happened but somehow my original order amounting to £21.52 for two items was converted to £31.52 (a £10 delivery charge was added despite the "Free delivery in the UK" offer on the site). When I queried this, I was given a confused 'explanation' about SagePay adding an extra column for delivery. I then re-checked the website and found that one of the items I'd ordered had miraculously increased in price by £10! Mr Pets seems to be a little confused at best and incompetent at worst - I won't be ordering from them again.
I have only recently done business with Mr.Pets but I can recommend them wholeheartedly. The service and communication and speed of delivery are all excellent and I would definitely use them again.