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Road Refresher Bowl
An ingenious non-spill bowl that eliminates spills and reduces your pets slobber by up to 90%!
From £10.49
£12.99 Saving 20%
RAC Car Seat Cover
The Car Seat cover protects from claws, damp, dirt and smells.
From £31.45
£33.65 Saving 7%
Adaptil Collar
This Adaptil collar will stay with your dog and last up to 4 weeks, giving your pet dog a natural feeling of being safe.
From £14.49
£26.98 Saving 47%
Adaptil Spray (60ml)
The Adaptil Spray can be used to give additional support alongside the Adaptil Diffuser or Adaptil Collar or to provide temporary support.
From £15.62
£23.98 Saving 35%
Pet Blinker
Ensure optimal visibility during night-time walks with these essential Pet Blinkers.
From £5.95
£5.00 Saving -19%
RAC Travel Food and Water Box
The perfect way to allow your pet to eat and drink when you are out and about.
From £11.56
RAC Travel Water Bottle
Allows your pet to drink when you are out and about.
From £5.18
RAC Car Window Vent Guard
A safe way of allowing your pet to have a flow of fresh air while travelling.
From £5.70
RAC Travel Dog Harness
The RAC Travel Dog Harness allows your dog to travel in safety.
From £8.26
Pet Head Mini Combo Pack
Perfect for pampering your pooch whilst travelling.
From £8.69
£9.99 Saving 14%
Thundershirt Dogs
The Thundershirt is an innovative coat designed for dogs who suffer from in situations such as travel, separation or loud noises.
From £30.70
£36.90 Saving 17%
Hing Bone Bowl
A must have feeding bowl for stylish dogs!
From £16.50
£19.99 Saving 18%
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