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Feliway Plug In Diffuser Refill
A refill for the Feliway diffuser, calming your cat during periods of stress.
From £16.51
£22.57 Saving 27%
Advantage Spot On
Advantage Flea treatments are highly effective at providing fast relief from fleas as well as lasting protection.
From £10.91
£18.07 Saving 40%
Feliway Plug In Diffuser Pack
The Feliway Cat Comforting Plug In Diffuser secretes a synthetic feline facial pheromone, which works to reassure and calm your cat during periods of stress.
From £19.91
£30.73 Saving 36%
Frontline Spot On Cat
Frontline Spot On is the only treatment for both cats and dogs that gives long-lasting protection against fleas and ticks and controls biting lice.
From £13.25
£19.28 Saving 32%
Droncit Spot On Wormer for Cats (4 Pack)
Droncit Spot-On wormers for cats, is a quick and conveniant way to worm your cat.
From £7.17
£10.15 Saving 30%
Indorex Household Flea Spray (500ml)
A veterinary household spray, which kills not only fleas but also house dust mites.
From £11.70
£17.68 Saving 34%
RIP Fleas Household Flea Spray (600ml Bottle)
A highly effective household anit-flea spray.
From £11.65
£17.32 Saving 33%
Advocate 0.4ml (Small Cat)
Advocate Small Cat is a flea, worm and mite treatment for small cats of upto 4kg in bodyweight.
From £16.75
Logic Oral Hygiene Gel (70g)
Logic Oral Hygiene Gel is an easy alternative to brushing your pets teeth.
From £7.38
Drontal Cat
The first choice of wormer recommended by your vet.
From £2.84
£3.86 Saving 27%
Epiotic 125mls
Epi-Otic 125ml is an gentle and soothing ear cleaner for both cats and dogs.
From £11.65
£13.00 Saving 11%
Enzymatic Toothpaste for Cats and Dogs - Chicken Flavour (70g)
A chicken flavoured toothpaste which dogs will love and which requires no rinsing.
From £6.67
£13.37 Saving 51%
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