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Viacutan Plus Pump 95ml
Viacutan Plus is a food supplement specially formulated to improve skin and coat condition and also to help soothe irritable skin conditions such as dry skin, dry coat, hair loss, itching and scratching.
From £17.24
£27.68 Saving 38%
Vet Aquadent
This refreshing solution contains the well-known anti-plaque agent; Chlohexidine and Xylitol to limit dental plaque and tartar formation, together fighting bad breath in cats and dogs.
From £8.49
£12.37 Saving 32%
CleanAural Ear Cleaner for Cats
CleanAural Ear Cleaner for Cats is perfect for treating both infected ears and for maintaining healthy ones.
From £9.01
STV GOTCHA! Flea Trap Spare Bulbs x 2
A 2 pack of bulbs for a safe, poison-free effective solution to flea infestations.
From £4.44
Cosequin Regular Strength Tablets
Cosequin Regular Strength Tablets (90 Pack) are supplement for cats and dogs which helps to support joint conditions, and maintain joint health.
From £33.70
£62.57 Saving 47%
Defurr Um Plus Paste
Defurr Um Plus Paste (70g) both helps to prevent hairballs from forming and eliminates existing hairballs your cat may be suffering from.
From £6.73
Enzymatic Double Ended Toothbrush
This is an essential part of any dental care kit, and can be used in conjunction with other products from Virbacs Enzymatic dental care range.
From £5.91
Enzymatic Toothpaste (Cat and Dog, Fish flavour) (43g)
Help protect your pets teeth from gum disease with Virbacs Enzymatic Toothpaste specifically designed for cats.
From £5.23
Nutri-Cal is an industry-standard, high-density caloric dietary supplement and a readily digestible source of vitamins and minerals in a palatable gel formulation.
From £7.90
Panacur Granules 22%
Panacur Granules is an easy to use wormer for dogs, cats, and weaned puppies and kittens that mixes into your pets food.
From £4.91
Panacur 18.75% Oral Paste Syringe Cat/Dog
Panacur Paste Syringe is a ready to use wormer for dogs, cats, and weaned puppies and kittens.
From £5.21
£6.44 Saving 20%
Petstages - Catnip Stuffers
Cats of all ages can now crunch, chew and clean while they play with this great toy from Petstages.
From £5.47
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