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Caged birds

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Happy Pet Cog Winder Parrot Toy
The brightly coloured toy is designed to keep your feathered friends senses stimulated.
From £6.50
Nutrobal is a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement which helps combat calcium deficiencies and promote bone growth in exotic species such as reptiles, tortoises and birds.
From £6.85
Happy Pet Treasure Hunt Parrot Toy
Relieve your parrots boredom and keep him entertained with this brightly coloured stimulating toy.
From £7.68
Happy Pet Shred It! Refill
Replacement roll for the Shred It! Toy from Happy Pet.
From £4.41
Genitrix Lacto B Powder (75g)
Lacto B is a probiotic aimed at helping the digestive function in pets.
From £17.99
Entrodex Probiotic
Entrodex Probiotic is a great dietary supplement of friendly bacteria with the addition of vitamins A, D and B complex for your pet.
From £10.15
Happy Pet Shred It Parrot Toy
A great toy to stimulate your pet parrot by Happy Pet.
From £7.58
Alan Titchmarsh Bird Window Feeder
A unique and exclusively designed window bird feeder from Alan Titchmarsh.
From £5.76
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