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Breath & Dental Care Treats
An easy way to help keep your pet's teeth cleaner.
From £4.67
Good Girl Catnip Drops
Good Girl Catnip drops are delicious special treats for your cat flavoured with real catnip.
From £2.43
£3.20 Saving 25%
Kong Cat Naturals Premium Catnip
Kong Naturals premium catnip is North American grown catnip of the highest quality.
From £4.80
Johnsons Concentrated Catnip Spray (150ml)
This concentrated catnip spray by Johnsons will help to deter destructive behaviour and make toys even more exciting.
From £5.47
Canac Cat Cradle
Every cats favourite sleeping place.
From £14.06
£16.75 Saving 17%
Good Girl Christmas Cat Treat Advent Calendar
Get your cat as excited as you are during the build up to Christmas!
From £5.30
Good Girl Fun Filled Christmas Cat Stocking
A stocking full of fun for your cat.
From £4.69
Cosmic Catnip Cup 1/2oz
Cosmic Catnip is loved by cat owners throughout the UK as it stimulates and encourages your cat to play.
From £5.09
Catmosphere Treat Ball (Black)
Purrrfect for keeping cats entertained indoors!
From £8.36
From £4.02
Kong Cat Wobbler
Providing a new way of entertaining and challenging your cat,
From £12.11
Good Girl Christmas Cat Stocking
Good Girl Xmas Cat Stocking is filled with an assortment of toys and treats
From £5.99
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