About Us

Established in 2010 by a practicing vet, Mr Pets believes your pet's health and happiness shouldn't be a luxury. We therefore cut the cost of pet care by offering the same products you'd buy from your vet, but at significantly lower prices, and with free delivery!

We are just as dedicated to your pet’s health and happiness as you are - and that is why we deliver pet care products at affordable prices, quickly and directly to your doorstep.

Sharing our wisdom

Founded by an experienced vet, we are committed to providing our customers with first rate customer service and the highest quality pet supplies and products out on the market.

Mr Pets was set up by a practising veterinary surgeon who regularly saw animals suffering simply because pet owners could not afford effective flea and worm treatments.

Affordable prices

To put an end to this suffering, Mr Pets began to supply quality products at a fraction of high street and veterinary prices. We only sell products we would use ourselves, and avoid cheap, money wasting flea and worm treatments often found in supermarkets, which are notorious for actually being harmful to pets.

In pursuit of pet happiness, we only stock trusted, leading brands such as Drontal, Feliway, Adaptil and Advantage Spot On. We are also able to dispense prescription medicines from our extensive veterinary pharmacy. So if your pet has an on-going medical problem that requires regular treatment, we're sure we'll be able to offer a more cost effective solution. On top of this, sound veterinary advice is always on hand from one of our fully trained staff members.

Here's to Health and Happiness

Because we know there is more to a pet's happiness than a clean bill of health, we also stock fun and industry-leading pet toys such as Kong and Nina Ottosson. On top of this, we keep your pet's bellies full with nutritious food, from tasty brands such as Arden Grange, Applaws, AATU, Forthglade and Edgard Cooper.

We aim to offer all you're looking for to aid in a long, healthy life with your favourite companion - without breaking the bank. So why not browse our website to pick up your cat's next flea treatment, or treat your pooch to a brand new toy!