API Tropical Fish Starter Kit

API's best selling water conditioners in a convenient kit. Contains Stress Coat and Stress Zyme. Dose with Stress Coat to remove chlorine and neutralize chloramines and protect fish with the healing power of Aloe Vera.

Use Stress Zyme to speed the development of the biological filter and help keep the aquarium clean.

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API Tropical Fish Starter Kit
API Tropical Fish Starter Kit

All you need to get started with your tropical aquarium.

Stress Coat 

An essential water conditioner for any aquarium owner. It is a multi-purpose product which is scientifically proven to help relieve fish of stress, as well as help to restore tissue damage.

Stress Coat works by forming a synthetic slime coating around the fish, helping to replace the natural secretion of slime produced by fish, which can often be halted by stressful situations, leaving the fish more vulnerable to disease and infection. It is a multi-purpose solution which also helps to remove ammonia, chlorine and chloramines from tap water.

Stress Zyme

Contains healthy bacteria which will clean your aquarium, whilst also helping to improve the biological filtration within your tank.

This highly effective water conditioner works by helping to break down organic matter, such as plant matter, uneaten food, and other natural waste, which can often be the cause of dangerous ammonia and nitrate levels. It will improve the health and safety of your aquarium by helping to encourage the development of a healthy biological filter, good water quality, and energetic fish.

Use these products when setting up your aquarium and each time you add water.

Pack contains 2x30ml bottles.

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