Adopting A Rescue Dog

Give an unwanted pet a new chance at life by allowing it in to your home!
Sadly, today, there are hundreds of dogs sat in kennels waiting for someone to come and chose them, to make them a member of their family, they usually end up in rescue through absolutely no fault of their own. Common reasons for dogs ending up in rescue include things such as, people not being able to commit enough time to the dog, relationship breakdowns, house moves and so on.

 Rescue dogs can often be scared or unsure in kennels and due to this may bark or shy away when people come to view them, meaning they can often be overlooked. If you are considering a rescue dog, make sure you take the time to get to know that dog before making any decisions. See if you can take them for a walk outside of the kennel environment to see how they interact when outside of the kennels, make sure that the dog fits in with your family and lifestyle, the rescue staff should be able to assist you in this by giving you as much information about the dog as possible and asking you questions about your home environment and routine.

All rescue dogs will have a history and it is important to remember this. The good thing about a rescue dog rather than a puppy or buying a dog is that the rescue staff will already know about the dog’s personality, habits, temperament, things that you can think about before choosing which dog is right for your family. The other good thing about a rescue dog is that the rescue you adopted them from will always be there for help and support in the future should you have any issues.

Like any other pet, all rescue dogs want is to be loved and have a family to call their own. If you are considering getting a dog of any age, breed or size, please contact your local rescue centre, the chances are your perfect four legged friend may be sat there waiting for you.