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SuperFish Aqua Accessorie Snail Trap and Bait
Easy and safe way to catch snails in the aquarium. Using the bait snails are trapped and can be removed.
From £6.85
Superfish Aquarium Floating Feeder
Floating feeder which can be used as a ring for flake food or as a food basket.
From £6.27
Superfish Peat Plus 800ml
Reduces the pH level in freshwater aquariums. Slowly releases acids and other natural substances into the water reducing the pH, KH and GH levels.
From £7.72
SuperFish Aqua Accessorie Spawning Cone
Special spawning cone to help with the breeding with Discus and Angelfish.
From £7.96
Superfish Mag Clean Round Algae Magnet
Indispensable floating glass cleaner. Stays floating even if magnet loses its grip.
From £8.79
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Items on page

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