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SuperFish Koi Pro Blue Koi Bowl
Handy bowl for temporarily holding, showing, treating, or transporting fish.
From £18.54
Superfish Pond Heater
The 150w Superfish Pond Heater will float around on your pond surface and keep an area of surface water free of ice
From £15.20
Superfish Floating Plant Basket
Suitable for all ponds, including Koi ponds
From £4.93
SuperFish Auto Koi Feeder
Suitable for use with pellet foods the Automatic Koi Feeder has a digital pad which allows you to easily set the amount of food to be released and the time it is released.
From £58.72
Superfish Air Flow Air Box Diaphragm 1 & 2
Replacement diaphragms for Superfish Air Flow Air Box 1 and 2
From £3.65
SuperFish Filter Media Wool White Fine
Fine filter wool for aquarium and pond filters for the removal of dirt particles and organic contamination
From £4.09
Superfish Pond Thermometer
SuperFish thermometer to measure the temperature of pond water
From £6.23
Superfish Pond Cover Net With Pegs
Prevents leaves and any other debris from blowing into the pond as well as providing protection from herons and cats
From £6.27
Superfish Pond Net
Aluminium pond net with fixed handle. Ideal for catching fish and removing leaves and debris from the pond.
From £7.38
Superfish Pond Basket Cloths 60x60 cm Pack of 5
Plastic pond planting basket, available in 5 square sizes, 1 contour & 2 circular sizes
From £7.96
Superfish Automatic Twilight Sensor
Automatic twilight sensor, when it gets dark the LED lights automatically
From £8.50
SuperFish Air Distributor
Simply connect airline to each of the controllable tapped outlets.
From £9.08
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Items on page

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