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Komodo Rock Den Grey
The Rock Den in grey is a safe and secure rock den for reptiles to hide in or bask on
From £0.00
Komodo Mealworm Dish
Ideal for containing and serving regular mealworms
From £4.10
Komodo Ceramic Kidney Bowl
Ideal for use with hatchling geckos, snakes and many more
From £4.18
Komodo Habitat Coconut Den
Helps create a natural-looking reptile or amphibian habitat
From £4.18
Komodo Smart Dish
A multi-purpose bowl with deep sides to prevent mealworm escaping.
From £4.72
Exo Terra Natural Look Water Dish
Exo Terra's Water Dishes have a very natural and realistic rock finish on the outside and a smooth non-pitted surface on the inside
From £5.28
Komodo Aspen Bedding Terrain
A 100% natural substrate, it encourages natural burrowing behaviour
From £5.58
Komodo Borneo Hanging Vine - 13cm
The Borneo Hanging Vine is an artificial silk plant for creating a realistic reptile habitat
From £5.66
Komodo Wooden Hide
The Wooden Hide provides a sheltered hiding space for every reptile habitat.
From £5.87
Komodo Habitat Moss
Brilliant for providing humidity within a set up it provides an ideal substrate to aid with reptiles shedding skin and creating a natural environment
From £6.04
Komodo Wooden Cave
The Wooden Cave provides a sheltered hiding space for every reptile habitat
From £6.11
Exo Terra Ruscus Silk Vivarium Plant - Small
Exo Terra plants are realistic replicas of real plants
From £6.15
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Items on page

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