Confidence EQ Gel (10 Sachets)

ConfidenceEQ is an equine appeasing pheromone that provides reassurance helping the feeling of safety and security when encountering new situations or unknown environments.
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Confidence EQ Gel (10 Sachets)
Confidence EQ Gel (10 Sachets)
The equine appeasing pheromone is released by the mare shortly after giving birth, this pheromone provides the foal with reassurance helping it feel safe and secure when encountering new situations/ unknown environments. In adult horses, the presence of this pheromone is a signal that the environment is safe.
ConfidenceEQ® is a synthetic copy of the equine appeasing pheromone. Since equine appeasing pheromone was identified, numerous studies have been conducted confirming its efficacy in controlling stress in commonly encountered situations in horses of all ages including, loading, travelling, environmental changes, training, events, social situations (weaning, farrier visits vet visits)
Apply the single-packet gel to the nostrils of your horse and you'll see the science in action. You may even notice a flexing of the top lip called the Flehmen's Response. This natural behaviour is how horses receive and interpret pheromones. ConfidenceEQ works in 30 minutes and the effect will last for 2.5hr after application

When to use Confidence EQ?

ConfidenceEQ provides an effective option to reduce or prevent equine stress. Our equine appeasing pheromone gel is easy to apply and can start working in as little as 30 minutes.
  • Transportation
  • Vet / Ferrier Visits
  • Fearful Situations
  • New Environments
  • Training


How To Apply Confidence EQ?

ConfidenceEQ is easy and quick to apply. There are no syringes, mixing food, pills or other uncomfortable application methods that can be difficult to administer or add stress to your horse.

  • Open the sachet
  • Puit the gel on your fingers
  • Apply just inside the nostrils
  • Aim to apply at least 30 minutes before stressful situation
  • Lasts for up to 150 minutes 
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