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Protexin Pro Fibre for Dogs
Pro-Fibre aims to help promote efficient digestion.
From £12.48
Protexin Pro Kolin Paste
Pro Kolin Paste is a pro-biotic formulation containing kaolin and pectin used for the treatment of diarrhoea.
From £9.67
£11.45 Saving 16%
Canikur Pro Paste for Dogs
Help treat diarrhoea and support the natural balance of the intestines in all dog breeds.
From £10.54
£17.03 Saving 39%
Stool Repel-Um 30 Tablets
Perfect product to help deter your dog from eating their own stools.
From £5.44
£6.12 Saving 12%
Hepatosyl Plus Capsules
Hepatosyl Plus is a nutritional supplement for cats and dogs that aids liver function.
From £28.08
A tasty paste to support the optimal digestive function in dogs.
From £9.97
Vetzyme Flexible Joint Tablets High Strength
Vetzyme High Strength helps to promote joint health and movement with a unique conbination of Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM and Omega 3.
From £6.60
Otomax Ear Drops
For the treatment of acute external otitis in the dog.
From £16.81
Yum Puppy Nutritional Supplement 35g
YUM Puppy is a unique formula specifically designed for puppies and breeding bitches.
From £11.47
Peridale Granules
These granules from Peridale are a bulking agent for the control of stool consistency in dogs that have just undergone surgery or that are suffering from diarrhoea.
From £21.48
Panzym Powder
A supplement to aid and settle the digestive system of cats and dogs.
From £27.01
Protexin Pro Kolin Enterogenic 30 x 4g
A supplement for gastro-intestinal upsets and sensitivities in cats and dogs.
From £28.50
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Items on page

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