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Goodbye Blanket Weed
Highly effective against the removal of blanketweed, organic sludge, and green water in your pond.
From £7.97
PDV Salt 25kg
Industrial Grade Pure Dried Salt
From £13.11
King British Pond Disease Clear 250ml
King British Disease Clear is a unique broad spectrum medicine containing silver proteinate for all pond fish that treats most bacterial and fungal infections.
From £6.79
API Pond Algae Cure
Algae Cure rapidly controls green water by clumping together suspended algae
From £7.53
Nishikoi Goodbye Green Water 8x25g
Goodbye Green Water is a safe and easy weekly treatment for spring and summer
From £13.51
Tetra Aquasafe
Transform hard tap water with chlorine and other toxic substances in into water which can be used safely in aquariums
From £5.74
Nishikoi Goodbye New Pond Problems 2x25g
Chlorine present in raw tap water is toxic to fish and the biological balance of the pond
From £7.40
API Pond Barley Clear
Barley Clear quickly clarifies murky pond water by removing algae and floating particles from suspension
From £7.53
Tetra Pond Aquasafe
Tetra Pond Aqua Safe makes tap water suitable for fish by removing harmful compounds and adding beneficial substances.
From £7.79
Tetra Pond Crystal Water
Tetra Pond Crystal Water effectively removes dirt particles to improve visibility into the pond.
From £7.79
Tetra Pond Peat & Straw Extract 250ml
Tetra Pond Peat and Straw Extract is a pure natural active component that filters out light penetration for natural clear pond water.
From £7.79
Was £8.94, Saving £1.15
Tetra Medifin
MediFin is an effective treatment for most common pond fish diseases. A combination of active ingredients effective against bacteria, parasites, and fungi.
From £7.79
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Items on page

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