O Tom Tick Remover (Pack of 2)

Make troublesome Ticks a thing of the past with the safe and easy to use O'Tom Tick Twister.

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  • O Tom Tick Remover
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O Tom Tick Remover (Pack of 2)
O Tom Tick Remover (Pack of 2)

Removing ticks can be tricky at the best of times, it can also cause infections due to the squeezing action during the tick removal process. This is where the O'Tom Tick Twister comes in handy, it not only removes the tick quickly and painlessly, but it also reduces the risk of infection.

The tick’s head is covered with backward pointing spikes that allow the tick to “anchor” in the skin which means that when attempting to remove the tick these spikes can lock into place. In this instance, the tick may break up leaving body parts within the skin causing a painful inflammation, or an infection.

By twisting during the removal, the spokes bend into the axis of rotation instead of locking into place making the tick more easily removable while decreasing the risks of breaking the rostrum.

2 twisters provided per pack.

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