Prescription FAQs

Guide to Prescription Medicines

We have made ordering from Mr Pets very simple with a step by step guide on ordering prescription medicines from us. If you have any questions you can read our FAQs below or you get in touch with us using the details on our contact us page.

Prescription Process

Where do I send my prescription?

Your prescription can either be emailed to us at or alternatively to the address below:

Mr Pets
Brambles House
Waterberry Drive

Will you accept photocopies or photograph email copies?

We will accept emailed photocopies of prescriptions sent in a .pdf format but will not accept photographs. 

How do I obtain a prescription?

Ask your vet to write a prescription, they are required by law to supply a prescription and cannot refuse, charge excessive fees or disadvantage you in any other way. All vets are regularly asked for prescriptions and will offer this service happily.

Can I return prescription medicines for a refund?

Sorry, due to regulatory law we are unable to accept returned prescription medicines for a refund. To learn more about the regulations and veterinary medicines in general click here.

Can I order Prescription Medicines without getting a prescription?

No, we are aware of websites that supply these products without prescriptions; however we work closely with the relevant authorities to get them closed.

How long is a veterinary prescription valid for?

Under UK veterinary regulations, each prescription is valid for a maximum of six months from the date it is signed by your vet; your vet may issue a shorter validity period, but cannot extend it beyond 6 months. We will be unable to supply medicines to prescriptions that are older than 6 months or have passed the expiry date specified by your vet.

Can I re-use my prescription?

 If the prescription is marked as repeatable, yes. If your pet does require long term treatment, please ensure your vet states the number of repeats allowed on the prescription. Your vet will always indicate on the prescription how many times the prescription can be re-used.

If there is no written indication that the prescription has an amount of repeats; then the prescription is a Single Use prescription, and cannot be used again.

Once all repeats have been used, a new prescription will be required.

My prescription is repeatable, how do I proceed?

Please do not order repeats at the same time as your original order; we cannot dispense all repeats at once. If your prescription is repeatable, please order only the original amount, and we can then keep the prescription on file; ready for the next time you are ready to order (before the prescription's expiry date).

When you are ready to use your repeat, please email us at to confirm you have placed a repeat order, and we will quickly send you your order without delay.

If you would prefer to use your repeats elsewhere, please let us know, and we will post your prescription back to you.