VetIQ Serene-Um Tablets 30 pack

Serene-Um relaxes your dog in a 100% natural way.

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VetIQ Serene-Um Tablets 30 pack
VetIQ Serene-Um Tablets 30 pack

Help to relieve your cat or dog's anxiety the natural way with Serene-Um Tablets from Mark & Chappell.

Serene-UM is formulated with natural ingredients for hyperactive or nervous dogs. It has been recommended by Veterinarians to ensure your pet remains calm during periods of stress and anxiety, without having a sedative effect. Suitable for seperation anxiety, noise phobias, fireworks or hyperactivity.

They are perfect for use in stressful situations, including:

  • Travelling
  • During Firework season or during thunder storms
  • During trips to the vets
  • While moving home
  • During disruptive times of the year, such as Christmas

It is reccommended that you use Serene-Um Tablets for 3-4 days prior to the distressing event.

  • Naturally calms and soothes dogs and cats 
  • Formulated for bad behaviour, separation snxiety, fireworks and noise phobias, nervous or hyperactive dogs and cats
  • Just relaxes – Non Sedating 
  • Suitable for cats and small dogs up to 20kg

This natural food supplement will help increase the Serotonin levels in your pet, which will encourage calmness and minimise hyperactivity.

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